Project Turf

UX Project


Sept. '19 - Nov. '19


Adobe CC, Figma,, Lots of sticky notes


Project Turf is a digital product that turns communities into Turfs to make recycling easier and more captivating. It incentivizes people to recycle by tracking how much you recycle and rewarding you with points that can be used towards both individual and community rewards.

My group and I worked together in every stage of the process, however, I was primarily responsible for the visual identity, interaction design, and the vision video.

This project was made for BC Hwang's Human/Computer Interaction class at SCAD.

Vision Video

Research Methods

After deciding to focus on the problem area of "Recycling in America", we spent multiple weeks going through extensive research, gathering as many insights as we could to help shape the digital product we would eventually make. We conducted various forms of secondary research such as ethnographic research and competitor analysis, however I highlighted some of our more impact research discoveries below:

  • General Survey: We first created a general survey to understand the general population's understanding and opinions on recycling. Some of the major insights we gather from this were that people are widely more motivated to recycle from the moral aspect than any monetary reward and that people are still very confused about recycling in general
  • Town Watching: Multiple town watching experiments at various locations were conducted to analyze the behavior of recycling in public spaces. Our main insight from these tests were that there is often an issue with both classification of the receptacles and incentives to focus on the act of recycling, which ends with people using whichever receptacles is easiest for them.
  • User Interview: As one of our last and most important research methods for our project, we went out in public and asked volunteers multiple questions specific to their opinions on recycling in public and what kinds of incentives would be most effective. We found out that an overwhelming amount of people want to understand and see their impact from recycling, both towards the environment and their community. They also agreed with the idea of having a competitive aspect of recycling, as it is generally a fun and natural incentive.

Understanding the User

After collecting all of our data, we created an affinity map to derive ideas and insights with what specific problems to solve and how to organize them.

Personas and Journey Maps

To visualize who are product should and shouldn't target, we created a collection of personas. We also created user journey maps to fully understand the scope of behaviors that our users will be having and any pain points with those behaviors.

Wireframing and Testing

Once we understood our target audience and what solutions we wanted to create for the problems we were trying to solve, we started ideating, creating an information architecture and eventually wireframes for our app.

Once we got feedback from our lo-fi interfaces, we created a Mid-fi version of our product and created a prototype of it to use for user testing. We also created a lo-fi version of our physical prototype and had users go through a mock version of the behavior a typical user would go through. We gathered many insights from these tests, which shaped our final product.

Final Product

Your Turf: By looking into your Turf, you can find out more about your Turf's impact and current events happening in your area

Track your points: Track your recycling habits so that you can not only see your personal impact on the environment, but your Turf's impact as well.

Find recycling bins: Can't find any recycling bins in your area? Easily search for the nearest recycling bin in your area and see what kinds of materials it accepts.

Win rewards: Unlock personal rewards such as discounts and free prizes the more individual points that you get. Not only do you get points, but your Turf does as well. Turfs compete against other Turfs to win large scale rewards such as fundraiser events and concerts!

Feel free to email or DM me on any of my socials. Lets make something happen :-)

Website made with ❤️... and code.

Feel free to email or DM me on any of my socials. Lets make something happen :-)

Website made with ❤️... and code.